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Jiyoun Kim – Unihammer – Universal Tool

Using a hammer is labor intensive and difficult. Not only do we have to constantly check if the nail is perpendicular, but it also has to be done with sheer precision and suitability. If not done properly you can end up wasting a nail or even ruining your own fingers. Unihammer is a module that is attachable to the end of the hammer to make it portable for those random instances when you need to mount an object. On the detached Unihammer, insert the nail and hold the body part steady with your left hand and simply hit the enlarged head with the hammer. Unihammer is a universal tool that allows anyone to use a hammer without a hassle. From the middle school teenager to the next door grandma, anyone will be able to use this safely and practically. the UniHammer sets the nail and the hammer head perpendicular to the wall while increasing the target area with the Unihammer function for safety.

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