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Jonggun Kim – SWAN

SWAN is garment steamer. It is simple and intuitive.
As the name Swan, this steamer is pure white and has a clean, minimal design, so it doesn’t make any difference even in the house.
The lid can be turned slidewise. Because of the large opening, you can insert water without spilling it. Fine temperature control allows you to iron from nylon to linen without damaging clothing. Columns that can be adjusted at a high level will be copied from various users.
The lower section has claws to hold the garment. It’s convenient because you don’t have to hold it with your hands.
At the top of the T-shaped column, hang the O-shaped steel iron head. You can also remove the clothing from the wardrobe and hang it on the hook. As the clothes hang on the hanger. O-shaped steel iron heads can be done at once without having to press back or forth the arms of the clothes or the pants. A small consideration of the product is a big impression to the user.



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