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Círculos is a collection of home objects that explore the relationship of a flat geometric figure translated into a three dimensional design. Each of these objects use the circle as a primary element of form and structure, creating dialogue between the volumes that construct them. A sculptural roundness is present in the three designs, but reasoned accordingly to the function and purpose of the object. The main element of the collection. The Lounge Chair is built from a tubular structure of 2 offset intersected circles, conforming the seat and rest. A low height and oversized back with soft padding creates a comfortable and outstanding seat for home. Círculos is not only an exploration of rounded forms, but a shift of thought on materials, assembly and processes. The concept behind the object selection also talks about cycles: objects that are present on a daily basis in peoples lives, fulfilling a specific need in certain hours, making lives more practical and beautiful one day at a time.


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