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Radius is a modular system of urban furniture that parts from a metal frame with trapezium shape to generate a variety of elements and arrangements. The system was created in collaboration with Provext, a company that seeks to meet the needs of Mexican urban spaces with versatile and functional design solutions. The trapeze shape and angles set the base for its modulation, allowing it to grow proportionately in various types of street furniture from benches and planters, to tables, trash cans and bicycle racks. Radius aims to facilitate the interaction of people and bring comfort in order to stimulate them into spending more time outdoors. The main element in Radius is the bench, from where the aesthetic language of the collection is taken from. The geometry of the structure gives strength and rigidity to support the work that street furniture is subjected to daily. The wide rounded angles and inclined steel frame allow the sides to be connected to the seat face to face, transmitting all the energy of the weight from the bench to the floor. Radius is the result of a design exercise about understanding the context and creating from the play of proportion, surfaces and assemblies forming a robust design with visual lightness.


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