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Joseph Nelson – Niu M1 Electric Scooter

Size: 1099(h) x 1640mm(l) x 657mm(w)
Material: ABS, PP, Aluminium, Steel
Joseph Nelson: Project Manager / Design Director / Designer
M1 is the second electric smart scooter from Niu.
With a continuation of the design DNA from N1 for M1 we created a lightweight, playful design with an agile character.  Where N1 was pure, stable and powerful M1 is slim, urban and high-tech. The high-tech and iconic headlight is a continuation of the design DNA from N1 and along with the rear ‘Bull horn” taillight helps to continue the brand identity of our products. Four versions were created to  M1lite, M1C, M1S and M1Pro.
Product Highlights
– Panasonic/LG Lithium-ion batteries
– Bosch Motor
– LED headlight and taillight
– Smart APP with GPS anti-theft tracking and realtime battery feedback
– Front disk brake.
– Up to 120km range
– USB charging
– Aluminium swingarm
– Monoshock rear

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