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Jost Siebert, Darja Wendel – Eversafe Rescue Helmet

Eversafe rescue helmet from Jost Siebert on Vimeo.


Eversafe is an innovative safety concept for workers in the oil, gas and chemical industry that combines the protection of a safety helmet with the life-saving features of an escape hood and offers instant protection in case of a gas alarm.

With regular escape hoods, workers need to hold their breath immediately and locate an escape hood before being able to evacuate the location. They not only have a much longer donning time than Eversafe but also require the user to take off his or her helmet and glasses, leaving them vulnerable and with impaired vision. Additional cheek windows further improve the peripheral vision and the clear mouth piece helps with communication during an emergency situation.

To deploy the mask, the user simply needs to pull the two blue handles on and the escape hood is released from its protective covers and will position itself correctly over mouth and nose before sealing around the neck. This also activates the filter element which sits well protected on the inside of the helmet.

Eversafe gives the user peace of mind, knowing that they will always be protected and not having to worry where the nearest escape hood is located.

But most of all, the minimized donning time and the knowledge to always be protected gives the users peace of mind and lets them focus on their job.

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