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KAI XIA – Handheld UV light

Metal bezels, acrylic touch panel , these design elements emphasize that is a very exquisite hand-held uv lamp. Strong uv light beads killing germs in the corners of the home effectively , and the child-locks on the side are effective at preventing child misoperation.
Compared with the traditional plastic material design, the texture similar to the metal-framed mobile phone.Grip very comfortable, which also makes the product have a very high sense of value.The vertical bar light and digital display show the state of the ultraviolet lamp are very intuitive , Avoid checking the status of the uv lamp by eyes.
As a sophisticated consumer electronics product, it comes in a variety of colors. Such designs are easily accepted by ordinary consumers.The bottom of the charging port use stainless steel as a decorative ring, which is not easy to wear when connecting the charging line.


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