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kwanjun Ryu – Butler – Future wine cellar

Future – Escape From Electric Wire
Because of wireless technology, everything changed. Especially we can use refrigerator anywhere, just moving it to any direction.

BUTLER – Evolution Of Wine Cellar
Wine cellar changed with the time to produce wine more graceful, emotional, flavorful and propose new culture of consuming wine. Like butler, wine cellar can be in anywhere to serve you the best conditioned wine. Before you go to sleep in bed room, or having a home party at living room, BUTLER can be your best wine butler.

Concept – Blooming
When wine comes inside through throat, it feels like its taste blooms. Like its taste’s feeling, I wanted to make people feel it when they pick up their wine in wine cellar before drink wine. ‘Blooming’ is the key concept of wine cellar.

Blooming Wine Cellar
Favorite 8 wines come out like flower blooming. You can pick one of those in any direction, or Butler can recommend you a today’s wine with its full touch display on top. Not only temperature but also humidity can be controlled, so you don’t need to lay down the wine bottle.
Vase For wine
The shape of BUTLER is quite artistic like simple vase. Digital flowers and scent of wines make it more precious. Like modern furniture, BUTLER will be your artistic objet in your home.

Wine Recommendation
BUTLER recognizes each wine : Year, Type, Taste, Name. It is connected private device, that can recommend wine personally with detecting finger print and bio rhythm. It can recognize each person immediately who touches its display, and express wine’s taste as a flower.

Enhanced Space
With sliding door, you can store more snacks and foods. Just stand infront of Butler, the door will changed transparently. Rotate the plate to pick your snack. Simple structure of plate can be replaced to other parts.

Wine Only – Customize
You can change the plate to wine module, their will be more space to put other wines. Rotate to find what you want to taste.

Electronic Furniture
BUTLER will be your one of the favorite furniture. It is beautiful electronic furniture. Enjoy your time with BUTLER.

Near Future
BUTLER is future of wine cellar. As time goes by, our life style will changed by products, and BUTLER is the one.

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