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kwanjun Ryu – KETTLE – water purifier


Designed by Kwanjun Ryu
– Dongbu Daewoo Electronic award 2016

Lack of pouring experience
Existing water purifier has levers or buttons to pour water. This is very modernized principle, but unnatural experience

Pouring experience
People used kettle for a long time. Nowadays, water purifier used more than kettles in life. But experience through pouring water was degraded compared with kettle. So I wanted to invest fun of pouring to water purifier, and also solve problems that hard to pour water to tall & narrow PET.

Direct Water Purifier
Water directly goes up. So it doesn’t need water tank inside. Much smaller, much prettier.

Tilt Sensor
Water purifier let out water as much as you tilt the cork part. Sensor operated by battery. Battery lasts very long time, and it can be replaced.

Experience in tiling & pouring
Use it like a kettle. It makes you to easily pour water to any narrow hole and also height. Control amount of water with tilting.

Color your purifier
Replaceable nylon cover makes you to decorate water purifier as small furniture, It sticks to body with magnet. And also, taking off cover can let you replace water filter.

Easy change
With ‘All in one’ filter, you can change filter easily without professional’s help.

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