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KYUHO SONG – Comfort cast

Sudden change of life and physical limitations give patients depression. When someone gets a cast on a broken arm, it disturbs everyday life such as eating, using cell phones, work, and so on. Friends write a message of comfort when someone has a cast and the patient feels much consolation through this message. This sentimental action is combined in the new cast device that patients can be comforted as the smart cast was designed to consider patients through the U health care service system. A display can be covered on the cast to use simple internet and SNS service and can ask simple questions or receive long distance therapy through hospital connected SNS service. Because patients with casts do not have to go to the hospital frequently, recovery status and therapy reservation can be easily checked through the U health care system. Smart cast that gives consideration through consolation through SNS with friends and U health care system with hospitals is proposed.

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