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Lamat Bags – The Dark Geo Backpack

‘The Dark Geo Backpack’ is the latest addition to the ‘The Dark Bag Rises’ collection. The item is very lightweight, and the backpack can be slightly modified in shape to increase volume and carrying capacity. Inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, ‘The Dark Bag Rises’ is a collection of items designed to celebrate overcoming of everyday obstacles. Items designed with one goal in mind. To empower. Respecting traditional methods of production and at the same time embracing bold architectural forms, ‘The Dark Geo Backpack’ is a piece with a modern twist and feel of power. A gadget for the modern time, with a hint of superhero feel. It is produced completely handmade, honoring traditional craftsmanship methods, slowly and with care, so that attention to detail can be fully achieved.

photography by Mina Sarenac

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