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Layer Design – Joyn

JOYN is a near-future concept for an autonomous ridesharing platform that rewards sustainable behaviours and makes ridesharing more desirable. It offers users a more private, safer, and more eco-friendly alternative to existing rideshares, alleviating the “eco-guilt” of single-passenger rides. 
The vehicles have been designed to maximise comfort for short- to mid-length journeys and can be configured to suit different needs, from daily commutes to airport transfers. Passengers use the JOYN app to locate nearby vehicles, and can instantly see what seats and storage spaces are available.
The modular seat pairs have been designed to maximise privacy with dynamic wings that can be either kept closed, or opened out to create a “buddy seat”. The interior takes its design cues from residential interiors, rather than traditional transport design, and the seatbacks feature stowable tables with smart-tech provisions. The exterior of the vehicle has been conceived as a smart glass “bubble” on which information specific to each passenger is displayed to the interior via transparent OLEDs. 

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