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Liebe zum Detail – drinking fountain “Lotus”

In order to provide all urban nomads a way of refreshment, I decided on the theme of street furnitures for a water fountain. The water fountain should serve the city-dweller as an eye-catcher and stand out with its floral shape from the sterile urbanity of the city. The feeling – Here I can breathe out – here I would like to stay, – here I would like to re-energize should connvey to the viewer, but above all he should give to the passersby the possibility to refresh themselves.I have decided on an abstracted form of the lotus flower which can be realised perfectly by thermo-sculptural transforming of the material LG HI-MACS. The lotus flower has several qualities, which in the direct comparison with the material LG HI-MACS have the following parallelism. LG HI-MACS has a surface free of pore and is often used in the aseptic area. The special feature of the leaves of the lotus flower is that they are liquid-repellent, so that , for example, water runs off easily. This leaves always remain clean, and it can not form fungi or other organisms.(Lotus effect). This is the reason why in many parts of Asia, the lotus, stands as a symbol for purity, loyalty, creativity and enlightenment.The city has the possibility to arrange water fountains individually according to demand. According to place or available place, one or several water fountains can be placed. 

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