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Lorenzo Mariotti – Cube – Computer concept

Cube is a modular desktop pc case. It uses standard components and it will be easy to customize and upgrade. There are two variants of Cube, Slim and Bold. CubeSlim is a case for Intel NUC board computer, with very compact dimensions. CubeBold is designed for full size ATX Motherboards. Cube features a minimal design, with a frosted plastic shell. The frosted finishing was chosen as alternative to the traditional tempered glass and metal used in the current workstation pc cases. It also emphasizes the technology and the power inside the cube case. The positioning is in between the traditional workstations and the cylindrical Mac Pro. Combining minimal design with the use of standard components, to enhance upgradability and keep low the price. Cube is also in contrast with gaming rigs and professional workstations, the former full of RGB ambient lights and often heavy design, the latter quite anonymous. CubeBold also features a wireless charging lid.

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