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maform design studio, Andras Kokai – Dermus Dermatology Device

Dermus is a revolutionary handheld dermatology medical device, designed for small medical offices as an early detection device.

device and concept
Dermus is a revolutionary dermatology medical device, designed for early detection of skin cancer and skin disease by non-professionals. Using patent-pending technology, an easy-to-use handheld ultrasound device scans the skin surface to detect possible anomalies. For more information, see

design challenge
The main challenge was to include all components needed for the ultrasonic skin scanning in a compact handheld package. The goal was to give dermus an easy-to-use, friendly aesthetic but still keeping its medical capabilities.

Maform provided the industrial design service for the client’s patented mechanical and electrical parts. Maform’s sprint based design process allowed the project to be finished from idea to proof of concept prototype, in a short timeframe of two months. With dermus being an innovative new product, maform worked closely with the clients own research and development group to include all concepts and ideas in the final design. With the help of an iterative and prototyping design process, it was easy to share ideas and design solutions for the challenges we faced.

Every step of the process was documented on a cloud-based,
online platform to provide an always up-to-date status of the
project for the clients. This method also allowed the clients to
comment and follow the steps first hand. combined with weekly
meetings and workshops, this made decision-making quick and agile.

Iterative design methodology and rapid prototyping of the internal parts and housing helped us test and validate design decisions quickly. Showing the different design variations to the users on all stages of the process assisted in defining the concepts.


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