maform design studio, Robert Kovacs, L Péter Molnár – LIFT Aircraft

LIFT Aircraft is an ultralight personal flying vehicle. Designed for aspirational pilots across the globe, this multirotor eVtol airship, otherwise known as the Hexa aircraft will enable anyone anywhere to fly, no pilot’s license required. The brief was to design a flying vehicle with 18 rotors, a cabin for one person and 4 legs. The propellers are on the top for safety and stability reasons. The pilot’s cabin is hanging under the crown in the middle. There are 5 floats attached to the cabin, one is in the middle and other 4 are at the end of each leg.  In the next phase we had 3d modelled the selected concept. All the parts were designed in a way to be as light as possible and strong enough to hold against the forces. We worked together with the aircraft engineers to prepare the model for manufacturing. The legs had to be aerodynamic but at the same time big enough to work as a float when the aircraft lands in water. The whole aircraft was made of carbon fiber composite.