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Malgorzata Blachnicka – GROW

Grow is a home sprouts farming system. It connects sprouter with dedicated seed blisters changing the sprouting process, and the way of using seeds. With Grrow sprouts cultivation becomes more accessible to people lacking of knowledge and skills. It encourages them to grow their own healthy superfoods creating a business opportunity to approach new users. Grow changes attitude to home farming, it is no more a garden appliance, it becomes an easy-to-understand kitchen appliance. Seed blisters can be sold in packages (like coffee capsules) or in form of subscription – bringing continuous income. Trusted group of customers could propose new products within the system to try. Seed availability can depend on local markets and needs. Bulk seeds are also easier to transport on longer distances to provide more exotic and diverse options to customers.

Seed blister is a textured, nutrients-enriched fiber mass with chosen vegetable seeds enclosed in it. It emulates natural process of sprouting in soil delivering nourishment to growing greens and transmitting water. Blister allows user to prepare a portion of sprouts, serve them and store in a fridge. Seed blisters can be produced from various biodegradable materials – cellulose, corn or coconut fibers – materials that are considered a waste in food industry.

To start sprouting process blisters needs to be soaked for 4-5 hours. Sprouter needs to be filled with 1 glass of fresh water and assembled. Then seed blisters should be placed in a sprouter where cultivation takes place. It mimics micro-climate needed for vegetation by providing best temperature and humidity conditions for plants to start sprouting process. Dome protects little plants from sudden air temperature differences, insects, and pets. Users can prepare up to two seed blisters at the same time, and they do not necessarily have to be the same type of sprouts. Sprouter has a built-in simple irrigation system what allows saving time while watering greens during the day. By pushing glass dome down user applies pressure on the elastic water container in the base. That pressure sprays water on the seeds through small nozzles in the blister tray. Waste water is collected in the container below. Sprouts are ready to eat after approximately 3 days. Sprouter is also equipped with a simple temperature-humidity sensor and Bluetooth transceiver (prototyped with Arduino). When connected with an app, Grow gives feedback on sprouts irrigation and current water demand. App can also warn user if sprouter is heating up too much, or when it is too cold. Grow App allows ordering seed blisters of different types and provides more information on farming. It also helps user to plan their sprouting process with a respect to their everyday schedule.

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