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Marc Th. van der Voorn – HOLE chair for Spoinq

Surprise is one of the key elements that make people stop, turn their head and have a closer look.
The legs of the HOLE chair have this effect on people.
The faceted legs pierce though the seat of the chair, melting the frame and seat together and leaving a mark.
Paris, Stockholm, Milan 
The HOLE chair was introduced for the first time in Paris during Maison et Oject and in Stockholm during the Stockholm Furniture Fair.
Next stop will be Milan, where the chair is part of the exhibition “Masterly – The Dutch in Milano”.
Introduction video 
For the introduction photographer Simone de Geus and I made a Marilyn Monroe-like movie.
Online this video is a hit, revealing the chair in a magical way… ( open the video here )
The best ingredients 
The HOLE chairs legs are made of Europian Oak, known for it’s strenght and durability.
A well built chair will last a lifetime, that is Marc’s goal. 100% wool from Denmark is used for the upholstery, giving the chair a warm and rich finish.
“As a designer I like to team up with committed brands like Spoinq to created interior products to be enjoyed. I think the HOLE chair is a surprising new chair that is comfortable and looks great too”.
The price of the HOLE chair starts at 375 euro as seen on the pictures
Dimensions: Height (seat) 47 cm, Width 49 cm, Depth 44 cm, Total height 84 cm
Designer: Marc Th. van der Voorn
For Spoinq  |

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