Marc V Brosseau – DEFT CHINOOK | Hybrid Winter Boot

Footwear is often designed within the framework of a category (e.g. running, lifestyle, hiking, etc.). Rarely though do users limit the use of their favourite shoes to their intended environment. Since users routines aren’t always compatible with these overrefined categories, I focused my energy on creating hybrid footwear that blends the space between categories, offering the users footwear that is more adapted to the messiness of life. Inspired by life in Canadian cities, the Intent of this project was to eliminate the need for users to change from boots to shoes as they transition form indoor to outdoor environments. Winter boots currently available on the market are designed to enhance your capacities to resist harsh winter condition, but are hardly practical in softer climates. this is why, user must choose Indoor or outdoor advantages offering opposing pain points when it comes to choosing appropriate footwear. This lead to the project of designing a new product that survives the rigours of winter, while still being appropriate indoors.