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Marco Gallegos – Fan (c) Fan

Rethinking Everyday Objects- The Fan

 Form simplicity is a central tenet of my design practice. For this project, I insist on a straight forward construction where all parts of the fan are re-thought, and in the process, stripped to the bare minimum: cage, propeller, base, motor components.The re-design of this everyday object involves: careful analysis of materials selected for lifecycle and perceived value, a shift of scale that foregrounds the the propeller as the most noticeable feature of the fan, allowing to eliminate the propeller’s cage, and finally form precision. Construction:A tripod construction for the base assures stability and visual lightness. The steel top on the base serves as a connection between the legs and the ring that holds the propeller and motor in place. The wooden slats in the base are attached with screws and they come apart for ease of transportation. The Propeller’s geometry was redesigned to efficiently move the air in a silent way.Material selection:The blades are crafted through the layering and bending of ash veneers. A plywood construction allows the blades to remain stable and maintain its shape through time and also denotes high attention to detail and craftmanship. The steel makes the construction robust, and the powder coated finish gives it a perfect smooth surface. Dimensions: 50 X 50 in (Footprint) X 8ft (Height)

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