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Marion Lenne – PK.01 – Precision Knife

Precision knife The idea came from a long time fear of the utility knife. As a designer, the precision knife is one of our essential tools. I have always been fascinated by its simple, reliable design and iconic shape. But still, I think it has a pretty surgical look and has some inconvenient characteristics.Who never lost the cap? Or had the knife rolling down the table? The knife grip unscrewing while cutting or took hours to find the way to change the blades and throw them away safely?  Of course the knife’s best friend is the ruler. Today the best option for cutting is a metal ruler with a cork layer underneath. This feature made for a good grip of the ruler actually create a gap between the ruler and the paper what can make your cut imprecise. On this specific type of ruler, the position of your finger is extremely exposed to the blade.For all those reasons, I created PK.01, a precision knife set that you will keep with you for years and enjoy a complete safe and clever experience. 

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