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Marius Kindler – Aeon Telescope

Aeon is a smart entry level telescope, which is used in combination with a connected device. It helps beginners to get started in the field of astronomy. Observing the stars with a telescope is difficult, and comes along with a lot of effort and planning, which is quiet frustrating especially for beginners. Instead of an ocular for observing with your eyes, Aeon telescope uses a camera to record the observation and sends it to all devices, which are connected with the telescope. That means several people can observe with Aeon simultaneously. Due to its small size the transport of the compact telescope is easy. You can set it up fast and the handling is self explaining. Just connect your smartphone or tablet with Aeon and point it towards the target. Observing the stars without any knowledge is possible with Aeon telescope. It scans the observing conditions (time, location, weather and profile information of the connected users) and offers a collection of attractive objects in the sky to watch. The users can observe on their devices what the telescope is looking at and the Aeon App navigates them to the target they desire. When the object is in range users can learn more about their observation with context information and pictures of the object. The telescope combines the original experience in the nature with all the benefits and functions an astronomy app can offer you.

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