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Martin Luu – KŌDEN

More and more, we are finding millennials living in compact living spaces, most likely with roommates or family members. By splitting housing costs and avoiding home ownership, co-living has become a means for alleviating financial pressure while preserving the benefits of city dwelling. Despite these benefits, co-living can cause personal activities to suffer as social dynamics influence daily rituals. Our behavioural reflexes within shared spaces can often hinder activities in the areas of work, play and privacy. The result is an environment that does not allow people to truly thrive.

KŌDEN is a solution to personal well-being within shared spaces through a system consisting of room dividers and ambient controlling technology. KŌDEN supports better relationships between roommates by giving dwellers more freedom to conduct various work, play, and private activities within their shared home. With better means to these tasks, greater harmony is created within the micro-community and roommates can work towards better relationships.

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