Mauricio Carvajal, Adrian Perez – HIFA – Coffee brewing-mushroom growing system

Hifa is an integrated system for coffee brewing and organic food production that recycles coffee grounds as the main input for mushroom growing inside the home. It is based on 3 main concepts: Recycling and valorization of waste, local production (Km 0) and healthy habits. It breaks the paradigm of linear consumption, fostering new systemic dynamics to consume and relate to food. Its main objective is to promote sustainability throughout coffee’s consumption lifecycle, encouraging responsible practices and healthy habits. It resignifies each process surplus converting waste into valuable inputs for other processes. A continuous ecosystem without waste production is generated and the consumer becomes a producer (prosumer) who generates new dynamics and awareness around the food culture. Hifa’s design assures optimal darkness and humidity conditions for mycelium proliferation as well as an excelent infusion vessel for brewing coffee based on the french press coffee maker principles. Its double-walled vessel body reduces heat dissipation, keeping coffee hot for longer. At the same time, coffee grounds are stocked inside the lower compartments ready to be inoculated and when mycelium spreads through the coffee grounds its time to sprinkle some water, wait a couple of days and reap some excellent quality mushrooms!