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Maya Prokhorova – Bend – unmanned cross -country vehicle

The basis of an unmanned cross-country vehicle is the bend-kinematic chain. It consists of the main ball coupling to which electric motors, accumulators, cargo contrainers and two wheel pairs are fixed. Wheels also represent an innovative idea. This is a pressed secondary raw material for metalworking, fluoroplastics, carbon, etc. One of unique features of unmanned vehicle bend, working on electric motors is the body frame with a ball-shaped magnetic interface, smoothly turning into a suspender. This gives excellent cross-country terrain, incredible freedom and mobility of movements for any tasks. The cage carries an electric motor and battery, as well as a fixing system for research equipment. Charging is done at the docking station. Mobile delivery of the battery is possible with the help of a regular mini-helicopter. The wheels are made of waste metal, pressed plastic and can withstand multiple rework. When applying weak currents, the spring wheels change their state, depending on the ground. The cage of the cross-country vehicle is lightweight, heavy-duty plastics, which, when inflated in the air cushion wheels, allows the vehicle to ride along the thawed snow, swampy terrain, and overcome water obstacles. A spherical magnet rotates the chassis to the right and to the left, up and down, almost at any angle and in different directions. Applicability: construction, agricultural, research, etc.

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