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miicon studio – CONCRETE SOUND

The Sound that Concrete Makes

Sounds and materials are closely related.
When we hear a sound, we not only hear the sound itself but also various reverberations reflected by diverse surrounding materials.
If you close your eyes and listen carefully to the sounds around you, you can figure out how large and high the space you are in now is and what the material surrounding you is. The sound of a stone building like Hanok (traditional Korean-style house) and that of a stone building like a European cathedral are completely different and it is a crucial factor that reflects the sound preference of the east and the west.
Until now most speakers were made of plywood or plastic.
However, our surroundings are made of far more diverse materials.
We wanted to create a new sound with concrete.
MIICON contained the reverberations of firm stone buildings in our speakers.
With the weight that concrete has and the sense of space that the smooth internal and external curves have,
“CONCRETE SOUND” will present a new sound that did not exist before.
MIICON is a concrete design studio which views concrete with a new perspective and suggests
the next possibility for more beautiful and functional concrete.
With UHPC, the ultra-strength concrete that MIICON developed with its own technology, MIICON creates a new dimension of products which was not seen before. MIICON expands the functional and morphologic range of existing products with concrete and offer a new sense to users with concrete as the material which is not often seen.

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