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Ming-Hsun Chen, Cheng Hunter – LATY: Wrecking Truck

The power system usually adopts overhead power line instead of the underground one in Taiwan, Japan and some countries located in Southeast Asia suffer from damages of earthquakes and typhoons (especially floods). It takes much more cost to repair the underground line than the overhead one. The power system and aerial lines get worse situation in mountain area than in cities after natural disasters.
However, the wrecking trucks in Taiwan were modified from cargo trucks nowadays. Huge body and bad cross-country capacity make it difficult to recover power system in mountain areas immediately and then influence the life of residents. We focus on “overhead power line system repair in mountain areas” to start our design and remake a high integrity wrecking truck.
Cross-country Capacity
We choose big size wheel and high chassis to make a new type vehicle with better performance than present one. We built a compact package to achieve higher rate of space-using, it also shrink the volume of the vehicle to gain more maneuverability.
Working Stability
Outriggers are indispensable part to make a stable work environment, we’ve been told that if repairman face a bad situation of ground, they’ll put metal plates or wood blocks under outriggers to enhance the stability. Using the similar idea, we create outriggers with wide area plate instead of point area type feet. Big area provide reliable stability and movable mechanism can fit the local land situation.

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