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Mingwei Liu, Benjamin Miller - ANT
Mingwei Liu, Benjamin Miller - ANT

Mingwei Liu, Benjamin Miller – ANT

Mobility solutions today in dense urban cities like London are quite sufficient for the average traveller. Between, black cabs, underground, double-decker buses and cycling the average commuter and city goer can traverse London with timely ease. Commuters have it easy, so we sought to investigate the lesser considered travellers and the issues they encounter daily. 

City centres with historic streets (like London’s Soho) have already taken bold steps to reduce motor traffic to reclaim community space. London’s well-loved back streets, short-cuts, mews, and quiet zones are not only beautiful spaces, but they can offer greater mobility through the city if utilised appropriately. If high streets are the veins then the mews are the capillaries. Allowing quiet tasks like delivery to take place on a back street instead of on the high street could greatly alleviate congestion and traffic. They could even be further transformed into vibrant community spaces that could alleviate traffic demands on the whole.

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