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Minkyo Im – Dual beater – Vacuum cleaner for fabric


Unnecessary weight and restrictive usage of current bedding cleaner

Heavy weight of cleaners make users to struggle during its use. By increasing suction power, cleaning gets even harder. Also, the current technology/model is not suitable when using it for pillows, clothing, or toys.

Hand beating is a Korean tradition that was generally used in the past for stretching and polishing a cloth. We thought we could apply the concept and value of hand beating to bedding cleaner.


Redesign tradition using a modern sense

From a modern perspective, ‘Dual Beater’ reinterpret the manner of a hand beating Inspired by a flowing line of a Korean traditional clothes called Hanbok ‘JEO-GO-RI’.

Hand beating ‘DA-DEUM-YI’

Traditional way of beating cloth with wooden sticks to stretch and polish. During beating, users can experience dynamic rhythmical pleasure.


The cradle not only charge the ‘Dual beater’, but also sterilize the intake to maintain cleanliness.

1. Take the bedding cleaner out from cradle and move to the area where cleaning is needed.

2. As the power turns on, the UV sterilizer and vacuum will be activated.

3. Pound it on to any type of product made with fabric or leather that need to be cleaned.

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