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MIT Hyperloop

The ConceptHyperloop is a new paradigm of high-speed transportation envisioned by Elon Musk in 2013. With a projected top speed of 760 mph, the Hyperloop is poised to revolutionize transportation by moving passengers between cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco in as little as 35 minutes.Hyperloop pods will travel in evacuated tubes above the ground, diminishing the drag force of atmospheric air and enabling passenger and freight transportation at high speeds with low energy consumption. The CompetitionIn June 2015, SpaceX announced the first ever Hyperloop Pod Competition, comprised of a Design Competition, held in January 2016, and a Build Competition, scheduled for January 2017.Our team was awarded Best Overall Design during the Design Competition amongst entries from 115 university teams from 20 countries. We are now one of 30 teams that have been invited to build a Hyperloop pod and will be testing our pod this fall on SpaceX’s one-mile long test track in California.

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