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Mo.80 : Simply a Better Wallet

“Mo.” (Minimal Objects), a leather wallet studio designed from Thailand and Japan, has launched its first overseas crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for “Mo.80”, the original new design of leather wallet that gives the fastest card access in the world. The campaign aimed at making their unique wallet design with fine craftsmanship accessible to urban light travellers around the world. The company designs Mo.80 wallet inspired by the today’s jetsetter lifestyle which only essential items should be carried around. This light traveller inspired wallet will only be live until August 17, 2016 and is offering special discount 50% from the suggested retail price.


The proceeds will be used to run the final production of Mo.80 wallet. The funding will enable the founders to target a worldwide customer base and increase awareness of the different wallet design with fine material and craftsmanship which sells at very affordable prices.


The sisters, Rosalin and Narisa Chanyasak, were looking for a wallet that is both stylish and functional. They searched high and low, across international waters, but didn’t come across any that met their needs! So, they decided to make their own wallet that access cards within a second and reflects a minimalist, yet sophisticated style.


To ensure the brand offers a user-friendly design and high quality product, Mo. team collected information and observed how 100 women from 10 countries use their wallets. Mo. team also travels regularly to premier leather events and source high quality leather and accessories, as well as manufacturers.


Mo.80 patent-pending card slot gives different user experience: quicker card access, easily identified, with simple, yet ingenuous secure slot design. Made from genuine leather, Japanese accessories with highly skilled and experienced technicians to pay attention to detail.


Over one and a half year of relentless hard work, countless of sketches and prototypes later, Mo. team has finally turned their passion and dream into a reality. With passion to see people enjoy using well-designed products, Mo. will continuously seek better design for other everyday items.


Founded in 2015 by two sisters, one from Bangkok, Thailand and one from London, UK. Mo. designs fashion items to simplify life for urban light traveller.


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