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Nahyun Go – A-Frame

Modernisation of Korean Jigae Seoul is not only a city of modernized facilities but also a city with many narrow alleys and stairways. However, there is no modern moving tool for these confined places,  a traditional moving tool, Jige is still in use. Despite its usefulness and necessity in daily life,Jige is still perceived as an outdated object so that it has not changed nor undergone any big paradigm shift in its structure and design. Now A-frame is being published as a modified Jige for modern lifestyle.A-frame is adopted a new structure that needs no additional stick, so it guides every users to easily and stably load and unload the burden.It is involved arms with its handle when used, distributing weight to arms for better physical balance. Therefore less pressure will be imposed on knees.A-frame is also optimized for mass production. It is made of pipe bending, plastic panels and soft straps so that large quantity production becomes possible while making it more durable and much lighter.It is foldable that workers can keep it in a minimum area, making better use of the working space.

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