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Noga Toren – Planty

Metal product design project.Considering metal as a durable and non-disposable material, the purpose of planty is to grow plants by holding seeds and roots in water.My goal was to replace the usage of toothpicks with an elegant metal product that compliments the urban environment. I decided to create an adjustable product that could fit various vegetables in different sizes. The default state of the instrument is closed, therefore it holds the object by itself. The handles are used to create a wider opening in order to insert the object and adjust the opening size. The use of spring stainless steel provides the springiness that the mechanism requires, and durability due to its corrosion resistance nature. This product is manufactured by laser cutting and maintains production simplicity. The handles are bent by heat for the fingers grip and to fit the glass. The product’s form corresponds to its purpose and implies the growth process.

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