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nuans – neo

NuAns’s goal is to create a comfortable lifestyle with our smartphones. We sleep in a bed room, work at office, and meet in cafes. Occasionally we find ourselves working outside, as well as enjoy a meal with friends. We then return home to get much needed rest.

Smartphones can be used with every aspect in our lives. Our mission is to create a product that reveals new answers to daily problems technology seems to reveal. The tangling of cables is one in which we are proud to say, have a solution for.

NuAns NEO provides a better and specific solution for our technologic lifestyle by designing a smartphone ourselves.

NuAns NEO sought out to design a device that blends into our hands and lifestyles by using natural materials which bring immediate comfort. In this new era, we have brought nuance to digital devices with new answers for our lifestyles.

Our quest in providing you with the comfort does not end with smartphones. We seek out ways to make every aspect of our daily lifestyles more comfortable.

NuAns NEO has provided a new challenge that will has become our goal.

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