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Oliver Stacey Design, BMT Nigel Gee – Norse 80m – sail-assisted exploration yacht

Norsesail-assisted exploration yacht

Norse is a rugged trans-oceanic exploration vessel, capable of voyaging to both Poles, crossing any ocean and taking in the most awe-inspiring destinations on the way.



The extensive range and endurance of the longboat. The adventuring spirit of the Vikings. The use of sail as a secondary power source. A shallow draft for accessing remote, sheltered coastlines. These are the inspirational reference points for Norse.

Sail assistance

Norse is designed around a sail-assisted hybrid propulsion system. Sail assistance allows the conscientious owner to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%.

The vessel’s simple, low-aspect sail plan maximises reliability and flexibility while requiring minimum crew effort in deployment, operation and recovery.

Range and special capabilities

In line with the vessel’s long-range and extended self-sustainability, Norse is built to Ice Class 1d and complies with Category C requirements of the Polar Code. This capability permits summer operation in the polar regions with limited or no support infrastructure for up to six weeks. With a shallow draft inspired by the longboat, Norse offers unprecedented access to normally unreachable coastlines and sheltered bays, making it an ideal base for shallow water and shore activities.

Norse is configured to act as an activity basecamp for a wide range of sea, land and air based exploration activities. A robust gantry crane provides reliable launching and recovery of a wide range of vehicles including a seaplane of up to 12m wingspan, whilst the extensive tender garage deploys an array of support vessels and adventure vehicles including a landing craft, ATV and submarine.


Despite its explorative purpose, internally, Norse offers a social living environment with an informal layout; the owner lives close to family members and guests, who share large open-plan spaces.

Stage of progress

The Norse concept launches at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016. For more details about the Norse concept, including GA drawings, specification and renderings, please get in touch.


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