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$4K DECT Wireless Speakers That Sound 200K Setup

There’s nothing better than an immersive audio experience when it comes to your favorite movies or music. But most high-quality speaker systems are way too expensive and wireless speakers just don’t cut it when it comes to sound quality. We decided to change all that with ONEclassic.

ONEclassic is an innovative wireless speaker system that puts true audiophile quality sound in your home at one-tenth the price. It’s the first audio system to use DECT technology. DECT changes how sound is delivered to your ears. It aligns the sound and removes the audio lag present in most systems.

The result? Sound that rivals a live sound stage performance. ONEclassic sets up in seconds with no amplifier or CD player – just connect our small USB dongle to your PC or mobile device and GO! With a compact footprint and its unique see-thru acrylic design, ONEclassic looks great in any space.

We hope everyone can enjoy premium quality of music. By supporting this, you are the pioneer of DECT audio and help ushering in a new generation of wireless audio.


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