• $170

Pagnotta Design – Titanium writing instrument – Kickstarter

The P22 Pen, the first additively manufactured, production titanium writing instrument from Pagnotta Design, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Key features:

 – Formsmooth body is evocative of a drop of liquid alloy in motion or a sensual Brâncuși sculpture;
 – Ergonomic: optimally weighted and balanced; can be held ambidextrously anywhere along its unique “pinch” points (unparalleled ease and comfort);
 – Function: minimal body + capless Schmidt P 8126 cartridge system = the sublime writing experience;
 – Green Technology: additive manufacturing produces near zero carbon footprint (up to 95% less waste than traditional pen manufacturing processes);
 – Next Generation Metal 3D Printing: inaugural production run uses Electron Beam Melting (used to manufacture highly complex componentry for aerospace, military, and Formula One applications)
 – Unique Finishes: available in Satin (highlighting titanium’s natural warmth), and Mirror (showcasing a smooth, reflective polish);
 – Limited Edition: each pen is laser etched with logo and serial number