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PDF HAUS, jaewon Yeo – Z8M Remake – smart watch


The concept was made using the design of “kick-slider”,which became an identity of the model “Z8M” by Motorola. For people who go for cycling,  it isn’t easy for them to view the navigation while pedaling on a bicycle.  People can more easily ride on the pedal while viewing the navigation due to the kick-slider’s design being folded. 

The point of Redesign The firmness and intense point color of the Z8M apart, and the convenience due to the kick-slider being folded

It is hard to see the navigation looking down in the fast movement. Moreover, when enjoying a cycle, it is inconvenient to enter the other menu in order to get a feedback on one’s information immediately.  It will be more exciting and safer cycling if it is possible to check one’s information immediately on the other display and watch the navigation at comfortable angle with the kick slider during cycling.

This product used “Titanium”, which is the best form of hard exercise, such as cycling. And it is designed to go smoothly when both smart watch and GPS are in use in a way strap removal method is operated. 

On the upper display, it is designed to mainly be shown a navigation,which is an important part for the cycle.It is also created to be able to see additional information such as the traveled distance, the distance from the front,  and etc other than the navigation through the lower display.

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