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Photon – World’s First Robot Which Grows With Your Child – Kickstarter

Photon is an intelligent and interactive robot that teaches children how to code. Through engaging storytelling, experiments and heavy use of gamification the robot is able to explain the basics of programming in a digestible and most importantly: fun way. We believe that learning through experiences is what benefits children the most. By giving out a set of tasks, the robot encourages kids to practice their logical thinking skills and make their first steps into the world of programming. Photon is a roadventurous and curious about the world. He wants to make friends and be useful. His thirst for discovery is hard to satisfy, and he wants children to feel the same. Photon can display a whole range of emotions which makes him into an even more charismatic character. The robot grows along with a child while unlocking his new functionalities. The robot is being brought to life by a sizeable team of psychologists, programmers and robotic engineers who have put all their heart and knowledge to make Photon as kid friendly as possible. Every stage of development is consulted and tested with the help of children. Their opinion matters the most for us. The programming engine used by Photon is inspired by Scratch and made for children of ages 6 to 12. All commands and storytelling are being delivered by a paired application for smartphones and tablets as well as Photon ‘s own sensors eye lights and speakers. A Quick Look Inside Our Little Friend – Proximity sensor located at the base allows Photon to sense obstacles and the distance to them – Light sensor helps Photon to distinguish between light, dark and realize the time of the day – Microphone allows Photon to hear sounds and voices and react to them afterwards – Encoders can measure the distance traveled by the robot as well as the angle of turning – Surface contrast sensor helps Photon realize the color of the ground and aids him in moving according to lines drawn on the surface – Touch sensor makes Photon feel anything from a dangerous obstacle to a kind head pat – Speaker aids the robot in effective communication and shares his thoughts with children – LED backlit eyes and ears allow Photon to display a whole myriad of colors, which can be helpful in making him display a whole array of emotions.

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