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Pierrick ROMEUF – Minima Phone

It is 2018, and while our phones continue to get bigger, our jean pockets remain the same. Advances in technology have made us addicted to several features, such as way finding, checking email, or booking a taxi… it has become difficult to do away with our pocket computers. However, some people are not satisfied with the place these devices are taking in their lives, and would be thankful for a more modest, less invasive object. Some manufacturers have thought about reducing the size or excluding certain features, but in doing so they neglect the needs of those who are still interested in a versatile and multifunctional object. Minima is a concept phone that counts with all the main functionalities of a smartphone, a comfortable screen keyboard, and a pocket-sized body. Its discreet and functional design are the perfect combination for an effective communication tool in 2018. Minima works with a hybrid OS, a mix between a smartwatch OS (for main features and native apps), and a smartphone OS in order to fit any apps available on the market, thanks to its 18:9 ratio screen. By transferring all the main functions (“Back”, “Home”, and “Camera”) from the screen to the phone’s sides, the screen becomes less busy and more comfortable. A simple slide button on the side makes it easy to unlock the device, while pressing any of the buttons gives you access to the “Time” (and upon release, the screen goes back to sleep mode). Minima counts with all connectivity features needed to access Wifi or listening to music from a wireless speaker. Finally, it has a thin battery thanks to the smaller screen size, which allows for a low energy consumption.

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