Rice Mak – Lil’roach – electric scooter

Lil’roach (Pack Scooter) is an electric scooter with a very good man-machine size. It is compact and small enough to fit completely in a backpack and is ideal for use in the city. public transport network has been very perfect today , we can quickly and easily reach the purpose of the vicinity. Usually the bus or subway station, people need to walk or transfer to other modes of transport, but this is a very troublesome thing. As a result, we designed a small, lightweight, can be fully stored into the bag of small electric scooter. When you go out, you can start the Lil’roach ride a section of road subway or bus station, and then quickly and easily folded into the backpack, easy access to the crowded bus or subway. Arrive at the destination near the station or subway, you can easily come up with Lil’roach and quickly expand, and then quickly and easily ride to the destination.