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Rice Mak – TailTalk

Smart pet weighing drinking fountain . 2018

About The Drinking Habits of Pet
In daily life, pet health is hard to detect.But the amount of water intake by pet is closely related to their health, and a lot of diseases can be reflected in the change of pet drinking water volume. Effectively guide the pet to drink water and pay atention to the change, can timely and effectively detect the pet health.

About Pet Drinking Water Quality
Drinking water quality has a great impact on pet health.If pet owner don’t pay attention, it may cause serious urinary diseases on pet.Traditional pet water dispensers are simple and crude, such as the excessive metal ions in drinking water, scale deposition, hair sediment accumulation and other problems.So we need to pay much attention.

Intelligent Water Quantity Monitoring System
TailTalk is equipped with a built-in gravity senser, with the following functions:
1) Through the remaining water volume display, people can add water to TailTalk in time.
2) Through the volume display of the water consumed by pet, people can effectively understand the health of pet in real time.

Water Purification System
The circulating purification filtration systen, with the flowing water, have no water scale or hard water.
Through 4 filter layers, TailTalk can remove large particles, chlorine, microorganisms and metal ions.
After using for a period of time, TailTalk can remind people replace the filter.
Protect your pet’s drinking water health in all aspects.

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