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Rosenthal – PorceLAN – router

PorceLAN by Rosenthal brings beauty to connectivity. 

Name: PorceLAN
Client: Rosenthal
Idea/development/design: Ferdinand Povel, Haiko Meyer
Development/design: Simon Jasper Philipp, Florian Ludwig
Agency: Kolle Rebbe

We all know them. We all use them. And we all find it incredibly ugly. In order to finally banish from our lovingly furnished apartments, we developed for Rosenthal, Germany’s oldest manufacturer of high quality porcelain, a vase, which is a router at the same time.

The vase is designed in two separate elements. While the upper, removable part is the flowers reserved, the lower the required technology is installed completely invisible. No plastic, no flashing. Thus Porcelán is not just a flower vase, but probably the best way to go home online.

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