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Seohee Lee, 장 성윤 – The Walnut

The ‘Walnut’ is a health care service inspired by a traditional hand massage using walnuts, which is popular within elderly people. It isdesigned to be enjoyable, to provide a constant and easy health care service. The ‘Walnut’ device is like a fidget toy, which was often regarded as a culture of the young. However, we find that the old can be potential customers to enjoy the same experience that fidgets toys provide, and the ‘Walnut’ can make daily health care into something enjoyable.  Diabetes has become the main health problem of the aged. To measure and solve that problem, we borrowed the concept of walnut hand massage balls that are familiar to them. The ‘Walnut’ can monitor the blood sugar level by using infrared, by which removes the need for gathering blood. In addition, the sensors equipped in the device will measure grasping power and hand shaking of the users. The users can check all the gathered health data on the ‘Walnut’ application.

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