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Seungmin Song – LUCI 4K VR

Two experiences at a time
When using VR, we typically have two experiences. The first is to watch the video, the second is to enjoy the game.
When watching video, you need to immerse yourself in the video itself, so there is little movement, and you need various actions to enjoy the game. So, the project was designed to have two types of products that can be transformed to meet both of these experiences.
High resolution and Optimal portability
This is the first VR with 4K resolution (3840×1080). As it has a high-level function, I have been worried about the weight of the product and the balance between the weight. Since the weight has a great influence on the portability and long-time use of the product, we have carefully studied the product structure to solve the two problems.
Crown type,
Enjoy the action full of excitement for a long time!
The first structure is a “crown structure” that allows you to enjoy a variety of actions over a long period of time.
Since the heavy weight product has to be used for a long time, the headband is designed so that it can support the head with a stable support.
In consideration of the size of various head parts of the user, a “Rotary type Length Adjustment” device which can easily adjust the length of the band is applied.
Glasses type,
Anywhere, easy and comfortable!
In the second structure, “Glasses structure” is applied so that the user can easily enjoy contents anywhere. Because the product can be easily folded and unfolded, and it is very easy to wear, the structure that enables users to enjoy contents easily and comfortably in various places is adopted. In addition, when the release button is pressed, the product is easily disassembled/assembled, making it easy to carry with a small size.
Hidden Care rather than Visible Beauty
Rather than a gorgeous and beautiful appearance, “the familiar design” that allows the user to fully immerse the content in the product is the top priority. It is designed to be calm and luxurious by utilizing the anodized aluminum as a point material based on the calm atmosphere of dark tone.
Study Mock-up for Perfect Structure Verification
In order to create a perfect product, “Comprehensive Experience” is the most important thing to actually feel the product. So, before proceeding with the design, we simulated the detailed situations that the user could do by proceeding with a structure study that meets two usability. It is a process for adopting the structure and material that can satisfy the weight distribution, fit and detachment structure of the product.
3D Printing process for perfect fitting
Fitting test is a very important process because there are various headings by race, country and ethnicity. We printed 3D print samples of various sizes and conducted fitting tests to find the optimal size. Based on the derived size, we redesigned the final design and reflected appropriate material.
Experience the most comfortable design in everyday life
We seek the familiarity that we can experience comfortably in everyday life rather than special.
When a performance is hidden from revealing, it represents the best value.

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