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Slava Balbek – BB1 chair

Designer Slava Balbek created the BB1 chair for design bureau ODESD2. Graphically explicit line of a basis looks like it was sketched by a highlighter. The pipe has a diameter 40 mm what is more than enough for strength of the frame. It makes whole construction of BB chair extremely durable and stable. The main artistic device of the BB1 chair is an intentional usage of extra heavy lines. “We decide to rethink classical chairs of 50th and 60th years of previous century. We worked with connection elements, corner radiuses and general ergonomic aspects. The idea was to make details simpler and get minimalistic model. We would not like to create eviction copy but subtle hint”, – tells Slava Balbek. The BB1 chair is the first object of new furniture series. All objects of it will have the same stylistics and would be made of the same materials – steel pipe and leather on the seat.


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