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Steve Purvey – amplo

A self initiated brief exploring the possibilities that inductive power could bring in the near future. This project was submitted for the Red Dot Design Award concept category . With people connecting and powering more devices within the home than ever before, amplo looks to provide a smarter solution to current extension leads, with a core focus on enhanced usability. Unplugging & re-plugging power cables can become tedious and awkward if the extension lead is on the floor & tucked away. Once plugged into a pod, amplo allows users to quickly connect & disconnect devices through the use of inductive power. Magnetization locates & secures each pod to the strip. This normalizes pull forces across plug heads and prevents users awkwardly having to ‘shimmy’ stubborn plug heads out of an extension lead . To remove, only one hand is required to slide the pod off the strip, eliminating the need for two handed operation. 


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