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SWNA – Circle Peacock & Tail Bird

Circle Peacock and Tail Bird are kitchenware specialized for cooking Doongji Naengmyeon, a Nongshim’s instant noodles. In order to highlight the brand image of Doongji Naengmyeon, we used a bird as a design motif.Tail Bird is a dish that allows you to drain water through the tail without a net. The inconvenience occurred while cooking the noodles was resolved for users to more easily enjoy the food. Circle Peacock is a net designed to be look like a peacock when folded for enhancing the aesthetic beauty.Doongji Naengmyeon is gaining popularity as an instant food because it enables to enjoy Naengmyeon, which has been mostly refrigerated. To further emphasize the brand image, and to improve the convenience of use, we designed kitchenware in collaboration with Nongshim.​​​​​​​

Client : Nongshim Doongji Naengmyeon

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