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Taekwon Yeon – Bracket board

Longboard Category

There are several types of long boards depending on each styles and environments. Decks and wheel differs on each types. 

The problem is that on type of long board isn’t applicable to diverse space, and the spare parts aren’t that easy to carry around.



Due to the low hill on the original deck for free riding and down hill boards, dancing cruise aren’t easy to perform. 

Bracket boards are made with lower hills, in order to lessen pressure to the leg and feet while riding down hill and long term riding. it also, provides flatten deck for the dace cruising.



The previous long board requires an exchange to a square rib wheel, for down hill and long distance riding. and it

was unsuitable for other types of riding. Bracket redesigned lond boards by a built-in Vermiculite in the original urethane wheels.

*Vermiculite is a stone with a tendency to expand within increased temperature.


During the usual crusing and riding, wheel forms a round rib for better change of directions. when performing a

down hill or a long-range riding, the friction force on the wheel increases. Causing the temperature to rise and

allows the buit-in Vermiculite expansion to a square rib form, which gives a better riding performance to the user.

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