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TaeKyoung KIM – Layer – Food waste processor

Layer has the function of drying and grinding food, and at the same time, it solves odor and volume problems by drying tissues contaminated with food. In addition, we intend to improve the odor problem in the existing food waste processor, the inconvenience of separate cleaning, and the design that does not fit the kitchen.
Layer’s large pot has a large space and blades to treat food, so dried food can be pulverized. In addition, a line was given inside to prevent clogging with a small pot. It can be automatically cleaned by pouring water through the cleaning function.
Layer is a dry-crushing type food processor that can quickly dry food with hot air from the inside. Hot air circulates in the two inner pots and quickly dries food and contaminated tissue. It also removes odors through the filter at the bottom.
Layer uses a deodorizing filter to minimize odor. The rear filter case has a small guide and a magnet is embedded therein, so it can be easily detached and attached. Filters can be used semi-permanently through washing, and small straps are attached to give points for intuitive usability.

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